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"I think I am always in a dance with the work. For all my intentions at the outset, it begins to let me know just what it is going to be before much time has gone on. Most of my job then is to listen to what the work is telling me. In this way,  I collaborate with the materials and discover things I never could have planned.  My desires and the material’s needs are blended together. 


Denim, Jeans, Jim Arendt, Art
Denim, Art

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My practice is rooted in understanding how we relate to labor. My close proximity to the manufacturing and agrarian landscapes of America, as well as the dramatic shifts in both of those sectors of our economy during my lifetime, have led me to continuously pursue an understanding of its people and craft. Making has brought with it a comprehension of the complexity of forces that drive our contemporary economy. The cultural practices that unfurl as a result of those relationships taught me strategies for crafting a working life that embraces wholeness and integrity as antidotes to estrangement from objects and one another. 




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